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Simply Writing Workbook 1 Natalia & Print

Recommended for Grades R/1
These workbooks introduce learners to the correct formation of all the letters of the alphabet, providing sufficient practice of each letter. Each page includes a writing pattern which consolidates the left to right movement. It is recommended that chubby wax crayons be used for these exercises.
B5 book of 56 pages

Simply Writing Workbook 2 Natalia & Print
Recommended for Grades 1/2
Workbook 2 introduces all the capital letters as well as very simple sentences. Learners practise very simple sentence construction, consolidating the formation of both lower and capital letters.
B5 books of 56 pages each
Comprehension Workbook 1

Recommended for Grade 1
This workbook begins with very simple reading passages which work in conjunction with the phonics programme. The initial passages begin with three letter blends, progressing to initial and final consonant blends.
A5 landscape book of 48 pages.

Comprehension Workbook 2

Recommended for Grades 1/2
This workbook follows a similar pattern to workbook 1. The reading passages revise and consolidate initial and final consonant blends. Vowel and consonant digraphs are also introduced.
A5 landscape book of 48 pages.

Grade Suitability of Workbooks

Please note that we generally do not indicate the grade on the cover of each book. There are a few exceptions, such as the Grade R Activity Book and the Trumpeter Numeracy workbooks.

The reason for not indicating the grade on the cover is that schools differ in the level that they present to their learners. However, we have indicated a grade suitability for each title on the order form and in the description of each workbook on this website.

Please note:
1. The Afrikaans…geniet dit! range starts from Grade 3 (Werkboek 1) and goes up to Grade 7 (Werkboek 5).
2. The Essential Spelling range is a continuation of the Simply Phonics/ Simply the Best Phonics ranges and starts from Grade 3 (Workbook 1).
3. The Simply English range is intended for children in Grade 3+ requiring extra consolidation with English exercises. The material and font size of Simply English Workbook 1 is not suitable for a Grade 1 learner.

Print and Natalia

An example of the different fonts:

Evaluation grid

7 – Outstanding achievement

6 – Meritorious achievement

5 – Substantial achievement

4 – Adequate achievement

3 – Moderate achievement

2 – Elementary achievement

1 – Not achieved

Grade 3 Hornbill Colouring In Competition

We held a competition in August 2018 and awarded the first 3 winners with cash prizes and Score! Mental Maths Activity books.

Please view the lovely pictures and names below of our winners.

1st Prize Winner – Nathi from Brylin Primary School
2nd Prize Winner – Kurisani from Khanyisa Education Centre
3rd Prize Winner – Nosihle from Bluff Christian Academy