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We publish and supply supplementary learning materials (mainly workbooks) covering a variety of subjects for primary school learners.

We provide an efficient service to ensure orders are delivered as quickly as possible- and we do direct orders.

We offer special discounts and free delivery on bulk orders.


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New Publications

Simply Writing Workbook 2

Comprehension Workbook 2


Simply Maths Workbook 6

simply-maths-workbook-6Trumpeter's latest publication is Simply Maths Workbook 6. This workbook has been compiled for Grade 6 learners and teachers. It is suitable for use in the classroom and/or for homework activities.

The book has been divided into quarters in accordance with the curriculum. Revision/assessment activities are provided at the end of each quarter. This book is in A4 format and is made up of 152 pages.

An assessment guide (1 -7) is provided on each page for the use of the teacher. Learners may then transfer the assessment to the grid on the back inside cover so that they may plot their progress.


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Thunder Tree Productions


Thunder Tree Productions has produced Hamlet Blues, a collection of new South African poems by John Edward Goodall. We are developing a network of artists who collaborate in order to publicise each other's work, and are beginning with books. We hope you will discover works that surprise and delight.


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